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Persunmall Review

Hey guys,
Long time no see...I think you already noticed since the last post, that now we go worldwide :)) From now on, I decided to write the posts in English, since most of us understand it. This way, the informations posted here will reach most of you.
Please excuse me for the mistakes I'm doing and I'm gonna do in the future, but keep in mind that English it's not my first language.
Well, guys, I have some news for the ones who are interested in ordering online. Attention, this post will be a review of the products I received lately! If you're not interested in this kind of articles, you may skip this post.
Not long ago, I discovered a new clothing website called Persunmall aka Persun. Basically, this store is based in China, HK and they offer the latest street style clothing, shoes and also wedding dresses. You can read more about them here> PersunMall
Anyway, what I want to tell you, is that I was quite impressed by the fact that they really care about their costumers.
For quite a while, I wanted a pair of leopard print shoes. I saw Sandara Park (2NE1's member) wearing this kind of shoes and I totally felt in love (see her shoes below).

Surfing online, I came across some Korean brands and I saw again these "babies" so, I decided I must have such shoes asap.

 I asked a few online stores, if they can find me this kind of shoes. The staff members of two sites answered me; obviously, one of them was Persunmall. Persun staff replied pretty fast... the next day, and they promised they will try to find similar shoes and so they did.
Thanks God they have it in size 40 since, they run one no smaller, 'cause I'm actually size Euro 39 and I bought them in size 40 and they fit perfectly. (I know from my previous experience that their sizes are smaller than European sizes). My package arrived after 25 days, because I've chosen Standard shipping... which is quite good, since my items came from Hong Kong. I didn't paid any additional fees. Their customer service is really nice, they will help you with any problem so, don't hesitate to contact them before/ after placing an order. These are the shoes I received...

Shoes: Street Chic Leopard Love Plimsolls

no flash

Pros: The shoes are exactly like described on Persunmall site. I love it, exactly what I wanted. The quality is good...actually, I think they are made in Korea since it's written on their back.
Cons: I don't really have any...maybe their price it's a little high; but in the end, I think they deserve it because I also saw them on Yesstyle (Naning9) for the same price; plus, Persun offers Free Shipping Worldwide.
I also bought this dress: Irregular Hem Elastic Waist Dress which is really nice. The only thing I regret is that I've got size L and it's a little big for me.

Overall, it was a great experience so, I hope I will buy again from them in the future.
Hope I didn't bored you too much with this long post...stay tuned for the next posts. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't forget to leave a comment in the section below.
Thank you and have a great day everybody, wherever you are! 
Lots of love from your pal,

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